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Warfare of the mind

“War, War Is Coming”

War on and for Information. Regardless of whether the name Tor rings a bell to you or not, surely enough the names Wikileaks and Anonymous will resonate in the near years to come. Well … , Tor is an anonymous network of Internet users and has/is being utilized by both wikileaks&anon in their operations.

There is a mass global awareness awakening, right now! People VS their corrupt governments and that will include all governments. We the 99% !!! WE approve of full transparency in policy making. WE see through the lies of the mAAAs media and the scourge of lobbyists’ puppetry (a.k.a. P0LITICS).

Lately the political pressure over The Internet, as we know it is, escalating.  The free and open nature of the Internet seems to be a threat to the status quo of any shady Enterprise. But Internet is what we are, The Internet is us, We ,the people, demand liberty. NO regulation, NO censorship, NO TAX on information. The United Nations, a name rarely mention and hugely discredited, has put the access to Information next to the basic list of human necessities in the context of 21st Century.

“War, War Never Changes”

Fast Tube by Casper


Technology, Psychology, Espionage and Environment are among the factors determining a modern warfare strategy. The memory of the ‘Cold War’ s still vivid where Psychological warfare and Espionage were clearly present. However, what really become clear to many people after the utter collapse of the USSR/CCCP in late 80s was that one does NOT  need to struggle in a battle with an enemy you can simply bankrupt. But this post is not about the raging economical warfare between US&CHINA in particular for good many years already. This post is about technology!


or simply the warfare of the MIND. Although not unprecedented, see WWII German Enigma Code, the prospect of The Internet turning into a constant battle ground is of more profound magnitude and of larger social significance than military communication alone. The access to information must be the goal of this millennium and when politics are not listing it is up to us to make them listen.

The following video is what I really want to share to anyone who wants to know more about what’s happening on the cyber warfare front. The tor project gives the mean for many citizens of suppressed dictatorship governments to express their opinion without risk of their life and have access to otherwise censorship/filtered information.  The presentation covers mainly Iran and China and might be accepted also as historical evidence.

The video is a bit long 1h and too technical at moments. You can skip and try to simply follow the chronological chain of events. Truly remarkable developments. In case you decide to skip watching all together, please forward at least to the end and enjoy the few minutes applause from the audience after brilliant epilogue. Every contributor to the tor project deserves a gratitude from each of us fro their dedicated effort to empower the 21st century world citizen.

Fast Tube by Casper

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