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HP tc4400 tablet PC resurrected with Ubuntu 11.10 Unity

tc4400 ubuntu
HP tc4400 Ubuntu
HP tc4400 Ubuntu

This is it. My old (2004 model) HP tc4400 hybrid PC resurrected with 64GB SSD solid drive with Ubuntu 11.10 Unity on board. It is hybrid, since it can be used both as conventional laptop as well as tablet with on-screen WACOM pen. You might guess it is neither the perfect laptop nor tablet as far as usability goes. Yet, instead of buying a brand new tablet (ala iPad) this 10.5″ beauty is more than capable in 2012 context.

Did I face issues deploying Ubuntu 11.10 on it? Yes
Was it worth it? Absolutely, so far Unity is sweet.

So what was it? … Upon successful installation of Ubuntu adn after first reboot I was greeted with the following message from GRUB (the default boot loader): “out of disk”

After some initial googling the only trait i got was coming from the following post:


The hint that it was happening mainly on old HP laptop was pointing clearly to my case. At first I felt a bit disheartened thinking it must be some old BIOS version issue with my PATA SSD drive, considering the fact the last official BIOS update for tc4400 was dated back 2007, when SSD were not around. However, the hint about creating separate boot partition seemed promising and gave it a try.

I tried researching what file system is best for SSD MMC drives, leading to better performance and increased lifespan. Then I stumbled upon the following blog post :
,which was revelating to say the least and really bust the myth about the SSDs lifespan.

Finally I ended up configuring my system with the partition schema from this post: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2010/05/26/manual-disk-partitioning-guide-for-linux-mint-9-and-ubuntu-10-04/2/

Then after new install I was greeted with the old error message plus two more. Yet this time the Unity login screen popped and everything seems to work perfect and I really mean it. Every small detail, like special laptop keys etc. work just fine and the WACOM tablet too. Due to my archaic Intel video card (Intel suck on video, big time) I was forced to switch from Unity3D to Unity2D, which made my GUI experience smooth and responsive.


~ by pip010 on 20/12/2011.

  • Bagger

    Fokkin’ Á mate! give the ‘ol buggar a new lease on life with Unati – Good effort and smooth sailing

    • Anonymous

      can get enough of it. no I had to play with iPad too, the only think is: you cant play with it :))) it is closed and up to the rotten Apple what you can do with it