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List of active projects I am currently working on. Latest listing only. For more information please refer to the individual project homepage.

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  • KWWidgets

    KWWidgets migrated to git for ease (1 watcher)

  • talg

    Templated C++ Linear Algebra Library (C++11/14) (1 watcher)

  • TabCloud

    Store browser window sessions in the cloud (1 watcher)

  • supercollider-ann

    Artificial Neural Network plugin for SuperColider (1 watcher)

  • scirun4plus

    scirun4 plus additional modules (1 watcher)

  • Hotot

    A Twitter Client (0 watchers)

  • hotot3

    (0 watchers)

  • protocoilmag

    Proto Coil Mag is a prototyping tool for modeling the magnetic field in air of different coil shapes. (0 watchers)

  • gipp

    General Image Procesing Pipelines (0 watchers)

  • plosone-data-pub01

    Sharing DATA for my PLOSone publication #1 (0 watchers)

  • Cleaver2

    A MultiMaterial Tetrahedral Meshing Library and Application (0 watchers)

  • SCIRun

    SCIRun is a Problem Solving Environment (PSE), for modeling, simulation and visualization of scientific problems. This is version 5, the Qt/Boost/C++11 conversion of SCIRun v4. (0 watchers)

  • chaoticsoul

    A mildly-popular two column WordPress theme based off of a certain designer's old website. (0 watchers)

  • sparsehash

    Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/sparsehash (0 watchers)

  • AsyncSoundAlarm

    Multi OSAlarm library for the purpose of short alerts/beep sounds via the default sound card. Asynchronous calls via OS specific APIs. (0 watchers)

  • ada101

    Learning ADA12 (0 watchers)

  • phoenix

    Phoenix Bitcoin Miner (0 watchers)

  • unum2

    Universal Numbers 2.0 by John Gustafson (0 watchers)


Projects Listing


( GAE Google App Engine ) WebAPIs Pyhton and Django

Current project(s):

Title: NeNa 2.0 (The Neural Navigator)
read more here

Project Homepage @ www.neuralnavigator.com

Technology: Kitware VTK3D KWWidgets C++ MRI nifti SPM5(Matlab segmentation package)
Hardware: magnetic based probe tracker in physical 3D space

Title: Braincarta Homepage link @ SF: http://sf.net/projects/braincarta/

Project SF link: sf.net/projects/braincarta/

Technology: Kitware VTK3D on Python 2.6 with PyQt4.5

Title: SubshareProject Homepage link: http://subshare.net

Project SF link: http://subshare.sf.net

Technology: Microsoft.Net 2.0 C# WinForms WinSocketsStatus: near to first alpha release,
update: frozen for a while, though I have some nice original icon set

Past projects:

Title: Smallville (classic RPG GMK)Project Homepage link: NATechnology: Game Maker GMKStatus: Finished v 1.0

Client: Wadescycles/OnlinebikesUK Site link: http://www.onlinebikes.comTechnology: C#, ASP.NET, AJAX.net, MS SQL 2005 Express, IIS6Duration: 4 p.t . months

Project MBA at Nemetschek Bulgaria (day-week-mont-quarter-year financial calendar picker)